Unofficial Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Blog is yet another unofficial blog related to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle’s ETL tool.  My name is Quentin Moore, and I am the site’s creator.  I have over 15 years of experience in IT, including experience in data management and development, application development, and web development.  I’m currently employed as a data architect and ETL developer.  I plan to use this site to share my knowledge and experience with Oracle Data Integrator, ETL development, and Data Warehousing.

Why create another ODI Blog?

Since I currently use Oracle Data Integrator as my primary ETL tool, I often discover tips and tricks that enhance my ODI development.  With this blog, I can share my experiences with other ODI developers and perhaps learn some tips from my site visitors.  I also have encountered some issues and pitfalls related to ODI development and general ETL tool development.  I will be sharing this information as well.  Check out the section below for the types of content I plan to create.

Planned topics for the Oracle ODI Blog

Here are some of the topics I plan to cover in the Oracle ODI Blog:

  • ODI Tutorials: Step by step guides on how to install and configure ODI and how to use ODI to develop data integration solutions.
  • ODI Performance Tips: Tips on how to develop fast and efficient ODI interfaces and packages.
  • Free Downloads: This includes official Oracle Downloads as well as custom ODI solutions and training material I have developed.
  • Project Management Downloads: This includes white papers, templates, and guides to help you design and implement ETL solutions using ODI.
  • ODI Videos: I will create videos to help you learn ODI fast!
  • ODI Related News: News about new ODI releases, new features, known issues, and more.

Coming soon to the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Blog

The first article I’m working on is a detailed ODI Installation guide that includes different options for implementing the ODI repositories.  Next I will create a guide for tuning ODI performance.  I will then create an ODI best practices checklist that you can download for free.  If there are any topics you would like me to cover, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Thanks for visiting the site!

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    Looking good so far, Q!

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